Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers, grandmothers, aunties, step-mothers, adoptive mothers, foster mothers, surrogate mothers, godmothers, and moms-to-be in Indonesia! Thanks for all that you do. Let’s also wish a happy Mother’s Day to all single moms who are stepping in to fill the role of absentee fathers. All of you are the greatest!

What is Mother’s Day anyway? Why do we celebrate it?

Mother’s Day is a worldwide festival celebrated to honor mothers and motherhood. No matter how we thank our mother every day for their unconditional love and care, but this particular day is purely dedicated to make them special and valued. Mother’s Day traditions and observance can vary from one country to another, depending on the origin of this celebration. As such, Mother’s Day in Indonesia plays a special role in Indonesian history, culture, and society. It is observed as a national holiday in Indonesia and is celebrated on December 22 every year. This day owes its origin to the first All Indonesian Women’s Congress that was held on the same day in the year 1928. And in 1959, this day was officially declared as Mother’s Day in Indonesia after it was signed by President Soekarno – the first President of Indonesia.

How do we celebrate Mother’s Day in Indonesia?

Mother’s Day is referred to “Hari Ibu” in bahasa  Indonesia. On this day, it is customary practice to send gifts, flowers, and greeting cards to mothers. Moreover, many people hold surprises parties and competitions, such as cooking competition and Kebaya wearing competition to rejoice womanhood. Some people allow mothers to have a day off from the hectic domestic responsibilities. When my eldest son was in elementary school, he used to send me poems. He wrote me a poem in a piece of paper that he decorated with collored paper and drawings. He also bought me a slice of cake with his own money. But now he only sends me Happy Mother’s Day greeting texts on BlackBerry messenger since he’s away and lives in a dormitary near his university outside Jakarta. Well, his thought that counts… Although I miss the things he used to do for me on Mother’s Day.

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day with your moms? Please share your story with me in the comment.


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