How to use the word BITCH correctly


Let’s forget about the formal applications of English for awhile, and step into the wild side of bad words for a change. Today, we’re going to talk about the word ‘bitch’, which without a doubt, is all over the place in the English language and mostlly misunderstood by non-native English speakers.

I’m really concerned about how the ESL speakers/learners picked up this word straight from the movies, songs, and many social medias without knowing its correct use. ‘Bitch’ is a powerful word, actually. It can be offensive, neutral, and even used to empower woman.

1. “BITCH AND MOAN” (verb)

Meaning: to complain too much

The word “bitch” is often used together with “moan” to negatively portray someone (or yourself) who is complaining too much. This is not really offensive (depending on the tone)

• I wish people would just stop bitching and moaning about corruption in politics and do something about it!

2. “BITCH ABOUT” someone or something (verb)

Meaning: to complain about someone or something.

• You are always bitching about your girlfriend.

• Stop bitching about your job so much.

3. “BITCH someone OUT” (verb)

Meaning: to yell at someone in a really negative way for something they did

• My boss bitched me out for being 10 minutes late.

4. “BITCH someone OFF” (verb)

Meaning: to make someone angry.

• You really bitch me off, do you know that?

• That foul temper of yours could bitch off anybody.

5. “BITCH OF” a someone or something (noun)

Meaning: a really difficult person or thing.

• What a bitch of a day!

• He is really a bitch of a boss.

6. “BITCHY” (adjective) — synonyms: spiteful, mean, nasty, cruel, vicious, malicious

Meaning: In a bad mood; irritable or cranky

• You’re being really bitchy today. Why can’t you be nicer to me?

7. “BITCH PLEASE” (colloquial)

This expression communicates that you don’t believe what the person says. It is used when someone makes a stupid comment , or just a fun way of saying no.

Julie: Justin Bieber is my super hero.

Kylie: Oh, bitch please!

8. “Life is a bitch!”

This is a common expression to communicate that life is complicated, not easy, etc. It has a sense of confronting the difficulties and also recognizing the unpleasant nature.

Just to be clear, I’m not promoting the irresponsible use of swear words. Much to the contrary, I think that if you’re going to swear, you should have a high degree of awareness as to what you’re communicating and the effect it has on people around you.


2 thoughts on “How to use the word BITCH correctly

  1. The lesson is absolutely handy.
    oh yes Miss sometime please make material about “shit and fuck”. I just wanna know what the meaning of them and when we use it. And thank you so much for the lesson.

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