“Have gone” vs “Have been” – What’s the difference?

“Has/have gone to” refers to someone who has gone to a place, but has not yet returned.


A : Where’s Tom?
B : He has gone to the bank. He should be back soon.


“Has/have been to” refers to a place which someone has visited sometime in his life. In other words, “has been to” refers to an experience.

A : Have you been to Italy?
B : Yes, I have. Actually, I have been there a couple of times.

Fill in the blanks with BEEN or GONE.

1. Have you ever _____ to Canada?

2. My best friend isn’t here at the moment. He’s _____ to France for two months. 

3. My husband and son have _____ to the stadium. The match is ending in 20 minutes.

4. Have you ever _____ to Brazil before?

5. Yes, I have! I’ve _____ abroad many times.

6. Mary has _____ to France for six months. She is coming back to England in a week.

7. Are you sure she has never _____ abroad ?

8. -Where is Dad? -Don’t worry, he has _____ to the bank. He’ll be back soon.

9. The children have already _____ to the park. They came back home an hour ago.

10. John has _____ everywhere around the world. Now, he just wants to stay at home.


1. been, 2. gone, 3. gone, 4. been, 5. been, 6. gone, 7. been, 8. gone, 9. gone, 10. been


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