The English Breakfast

Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng

As we all know, breakfast is an important meal for you to start your day. What is the typical breakfast in your country? In Indonesia, our typical breakfast is nasi goreng or fried rice, nasi uduk, or chicken porridge.

Nasi Uduk
Nasi Uduk

A homemade fried rice is usually served with a sunny side-up egg. People can get nasi uduk or chicken porridge from street vendors. Basically, nasi uduk is made by cooking the rice in coconut milk. Add some ginger, lemongrass, grinded shallot, and a pinch of salt.

While the chicken porridge is made by cooking the rice until it is soft and thick (kind of mushy). It is served with shredded chicken and rice crackers. For flavor, you can add soy sauce and fish sauce into the porridge before eating. But, we are not going to discuss the Indonesian breakfast here. We are going to learn about the English breakfast.

Have a look at the picture below:

The English breakfast

The picture shows the typical English breakfast. Can you identify all the dishes on the plate? You can’t? Well, here they are:

• toasts

• eggs

• sausages

• bacons

• hash browns

• black puddings

• baked beans

• grilled tomatoes

• fried mushrooms

Black pudding
Black pudding

You must be wondering what is a black pudding? Black pudding is basically a blood sausage; it is a blend of onions, pork fat, oatmeal, flavourings – and blood (usually from a pig). Sounds gross, doesn’t it. Well, it doesn’t look that bad though.

What about hash browns? What are they?

hash browns
Hash browns

Hash browns are made of boiled potatoes that have been cut up (shredded, diced, or riced), mixed with chopped onions and fat, and fried until brown.

Feeling hungry already? Well, I don’t blame you. After seeing all these mouth-watering food, I feel hungry myself. So, what are you having for breakfast? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s yummy. Bon appetite!


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