How about or What about? – What’s the difference?

"How about ...?"
“How about …?”

Use “How about?” to give suggestion.

A: I’ve got the day off from work tomorrow. What should we do?

B: How about going to the cinema?

A: Nah. I don’t really feel like going out.

B: How about we just rent a DVD and watch it at home?

A: That sounds good.

“How about?” can be followed by verb-ing or by a pronoun and verb1.

How about going to the cinema?

How about we rent a DVD?

“What about?” is often used when someone is asking for an opinion to a choice.

What about the green one? That looks pretty on you.

We can also use “What about?” to mention an objection.

A: Let’s spend the weekend in the city.

B: But what about my piano lesson on Saturday?

A: That’s no problem, just talk to the teacher and reschedule it.

“How about you?” or “What about you?”

“How have you been?” — “Good. A little busy with school. How about you?”

“Where do you work?” — “At a law firm. What about you?”

In this case, “How about you?” and “What about you?” are asking the same question back to the other person.


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