HOW – Question Words

How – Question Word

Question with HOW

1. HOW is generally asked about manner; how something is done.

• How does he drive? — Carefully.

• How do you go to school? — By bus.

2. HOW is used with MUCH and MANY.

• How much does it cost? — Ten dollars.

• How many people came? — Fifteen.

3. HOW is used with ADJECTIVES and MANNERS.

• How cold is it? — Ten below zero.

• How soon can you get here? — In ten minutes.

4. HOW LONG asks about length of time.

• How long has she been here? — An hour.

• How long did it take you to finish your project? — Two weeks.

5. HOW OFTEN asks about frequency.

• How often do you visit your grandma? — Every other weekend.

• How often do you eat out with your family? — We seldom do that.

6. HOW FAR asks about distance.

• How far is it to Missouri from here? — Ten miles.


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