Tall or High – What’s the difference?

High or tall?

TALL is the opposite of SHORT.

We use tall to say that something is above average height (of people, buildings . . .)

We say:

a  tall man

a short man

the tallest tower in France

a tall bookcase

A : How tall are you?

B : I am five feet, six inches tall.

HIGH is the opposite of LOW.

High means having a large distance from top to bottom or a long way above the ground. We often use high when we speak about inanimate things (non-living things).

We say:

high jump

high speed

high temperature

high wind

high opinion

high interest

high principles

Examples in sentences:

• It’s high time we left. (Use simple past form with ‘it’s high time’ or ‘it’s time’)

• The airship flies high among the clouds .

• The plane flies low over the house.

• The sun is high in the sky.

• The tall building rises high in the sky .

• The child is not tall enough to reach the highest shelf .

• That tall boy can jump over a high wall.


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