WHAT – Question Words

What? - Question Word
What? – Question Word

WHAT is used both as subject and object of a question; to ask about things.

What happened? — Nothing. (Nothing happened)

What do you need? — I need a pen.

WHAT + a form of do is used to ask question about activities. For example, “What did you do last night?” — I studied.

WHAT + be + like asks for general description of qualities. As in, “What is Julie like?” — She’s nice and friendly.

WHAT + look like asks for physical description. Example, “What does Julie look like?” — She’s wearing glasses and has long dark hair.

WHAT + kind of asks about the particular variety or type of something. For example, “What kind of soup is that?” — It’s creamy pumpkin soup.

WHAT may accompany a noun. As in, “What countries did you visit? — France and Turkey.

So, what do you think about this lesson? Do you understand how to make questions with WHAT now? Let me know what you think in the comment.


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