Reduced Speech Form in American English

One reason why native American English speakers are difficult to understand is because they often use reduced speech forms when speaking in informal situations. When native speakers use reduced speech forms the words seem to run together and this can make it very difficult to understand what they are saying.

To sound more like a native speaker of English, it is necessary to learn the reduced forms used in daily speech.  It is also important if you want to understand what native speakers are saying.  Remember, these reduced forms are not written in standard English, but you may see some of them in songs, advertisements and personal writing, when wishing to reflect natural speech.

In this lesson, I will give you a list of phrases that American English speakers commonly reduce in informal speech.

(have) got to — gotta

have to — hafta

has to — hasta

want to — wanna

going to — gonna

don’t know — dunno

should have — shoulda

would have — woulda

could have — coulda

what do you — whaddaya

bet you — betcha

did you — didja

don’t you — doncha

get you — getcha

give me — gimme

let me — lemme

Watch and listen how Rachel use reduced speech form in her American English pronunciation video. She will teach you how to pronounce gonna and gotta

You can also learn more about reduced speech form from Elemental English


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