Dictionary with Pictures

Did you find it difficult sometimes to teach new vocabulary to your students, especially to young learners of English? I mostly find teachers teach their students new vocabulary just by writing the words on the board or dictate them. Well, that is kind of boring, isn’t it?

Young learners will pick up new words and memorize them easily if they get to see the pictures of each word they are learning. Visualizing the words will help them learn new vocabulary. This could be a problem for some teachers because they don’t always have the pictures for every vocabulary they are teaching.

Kitchen Utensils & Cookware
Kitchen Utensils & Cookware

Here is a great website to help you teach young learners of English or your own kids vocabulary: Dictionary for Kids has a complete variety of vocabulary with pictures.

You can create many interesting activities for your students. You can show a picture of one category, for example, in the kitchen and ask them to name all the items shown in the picture. It will be so much fun teaching English vocabulary to your students from now on.


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