Shopping Phrases and Idioms

Shopping Idioms and Phrases

Here are some useful phrases you can use for shopping:

• What size do you wear? 
• Do you have these shoes in size 6?
• What size are you?
• What color would you like?
• Where is the changing room?
• How would you like to pay?
• Can I pay by credit card?
• Can I pay in cash?
• Buy 2 get 1 free.
• No refund. = No compensation (money given back) for returned goods.
• That’s a rip-off! = something is overpaid or of poor quality.
• I need every color in the rainbow. = similar item in different colors.

Idioms related to SHOPPING:

Shop around: to visit a number of shops selling similar articles in order to compare the prices.

You can usually save money by shopping around.

Shop till you drop: to go shopping for a very long time, until you are exhausted.

If you go to London with Ashley, you’ll shop till you drop, so take comfortable shoes!

Shopping spree: to enjoy a lively outing, usually with much spending of money.

   – Demi is planning to go on a shopping spree as soon as she gets her bonus.

Window shopping: to look at things in shop windows, without actually purchasing anything.

I haven’t been paid yet,  so I can only go window shopping.

Some generic phrases you can use when bargaining:

• Is that your best price?
• Can you lower the price?
• Can you make it lower?
• That’s too expensive! How about $ …?
• Is there any discount?
• Can I get a discount?
• How much is this and this (pointing at the items) altogether?

Here are some examples how you handle a situation when you don’t get a good deal:

1. Well, I was just going  to look around. I wasn’t sure I’d be buying today. If only it was $10 less … (said in a hesitant, undecided voice).

2. I’m still looking around. I think I might be able to find it at a better price. Thanks for your time.


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