The Girl Named Cinderella

The name Cinderella was derived from the French name Cendrillon which means little ashes. In English, Cinderella is of the meaning little cinders. This is best known as the main character in the fairy tale "Cinderella". Cinderella around the world The story of Cinderella came in many versions in different countries. Here are a few... Continue Reading →


A dumbphone is basically the opposite of a smartphone. It can only do some basic functions, like calling, texting, and taking pictures. Generally has lower specs than a smartphone in terms of screen size, wireless connectivity, storage space etc. This is a near-exhaustive list of smartphone uses. If your phone doesn't use something on this list... Continue Reading →

Using ALWAYS with the Present Continuous Tense

The correct answer is [B] are always arguing Explanation: We can use always with present continuous to show how we feel (approve, disapprove, like, dislike, etc.) about something that happens regularly. Some grammar books refer to this use as present continuous with "emotional comment." It tells what happens regularly, but also gives the speaker's attitude... Continue Reading →

“Made of” or “Made from”

The correct answer is [B] from Explanation: Made from is used when the material the subject consists of changes during the process of making the subject. Paper is made from wood. Here, wood disappeared and transformed into paper. On the other hand, made of is used when the material doesn't change its nature. Chairs are... Continue Reading →

Straight-A Student (Idiom)

We call someone as a straight-A student when she or he gets only A's on their exams; they always get good grades. Example: Juliar always studies hard. She's a straight-A student in her class. Being a straight-A student takes a lot of hard work and determination, but that doesn't mean you have to give up... Continue Reading →

Asking and Giving Directions

We use prepositions to talk about where someone or something is: in, inside, on, at, beside, next to, behind, in front of, above, below, beneath, between, in between, among, by, near, under, underneath, opposite, over, through, etc.   If you want to know where someone or something is, you can use one of these expressions... Continue Reading →

Fun Ways to Say Goodbye in English

Are you tired of saying goodbye with "bye", "bye-bye", or "see you"? In this article I'm going to tell you ten ways of goodbye in English without actually saying goodbye. 1. Cheerio -- A funny and friendly way to say goodbye in English.  “I have to go home now, cheerio!” 2. Toodle-loo -- This is a very... Continue Reading →

It’s not rocket science

"It's not rocket science" (also it doesn't take a rocket scientist) Meaning: Something that is not very difficult to do or to understand. Examples: • Drugs equals crime. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Fatila  : How do you make a Fettuccini Carbonara? Sonali: Easy peasy! It's not  rocket science.... Continue Reading →

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