Word Pairs

Word Pairs

Just like collocations, word pairs are words that usually go together, for example,  salt and pepper, we don’t say pepper and salt. That doesn’t sound right. There are no rules telling why it’s not right. They just do.

Here are more examples on WORD PAIRS:

Husband and wife

Did you see the husband and wife staying in room 203?

In and out

I have to go to work. I’ll be in and out in a flash.

Knife and fork

Could you put the knives and forks on the table?

Law and order

Law and order is one of the prime responsibilities of government.

Lost and found

Where is the lost and found department?

Name and address

Can I have your name and address, please?

Pen and pencil

I always make sure I have pen and pencil by the telephone.

Rain or shine

We’re having a picnic on Saturday – rain or shine.

Right and / or wrong

Can you tell the difference between right and wrong?

Trial and error

Most business success occurs through trial and error.

Up and / or down

I’d like you to vote this procedure up or down?

Should we go up or down the stairs?

War and peace

Life can be difficult in times of war and peace.


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