Types of Meat and Its Cuts

In many parts of the world, beef is not unusual cuisines, such as in Japan and Korea. In Kobe, Japan, a highly prized beef is produced from cattle that vigorously massaged and fed a dietary supplement of beer; it is called wagyu beef. However, beef is relatively not popular in India; the sanctity of the cow in the Hindu religion forbids the consumption of its meat by Hindu adherents.

With the right seasonings using the right spices and herbs, we can make many kinds of dishes from meat. We can make stew, goulash, steak, burger patties, satay, roulade, and many more. We can cook the meat anyway we like; boil, grill, roast, slow cook, braise, or pan-fry the meat.

The best way to cook beef based on its cuts

Types of meat:

Basically there are two types of meat; red meat and white meat. Read meat is meat, such as beef and lamb that is red before it is cooked and dark after you have cooked it. Meat that is pale after you have cooked it is called white meat.

beef – the meat from a cow

veal – the meat from a young cow (calf)

mutton – the meat from an adult sheep

lamb – the meat from a young sheep

pork – the meat from a pig

venison – the meat from a deer

horseflesh – the meat from a horse

chicken – the meat of a chicken

duck – the meat of a duck

goose – the meat of a goose

quail – this bird eaten as food

rabbit – the meat from a rabbit

turkey – the meat of a turkey

Types of cuts:

Types of beef cuts
Types of beef cuts

minced meat – meat, especially beef, that has been cut into very small pieces using a machine; also called ground beef (American)

Types of veal cuts
Types of lamb cuts
Types of pork cuts

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