Phrasal Verbs with STAND

Phrasal Verbs – STAND

Here is a list of phrasal verbs using STAND:

1. STAND UP FOR (somebody) — Meaning: to support or defend

• Always stand up for your friends.

• You have to learn to stand up for yourself

2. STAND UP TO (somebody) — Meaning: to resist; not accept bad treatment from somebody

• It was brave of him to stand up to those bullies.

• I think you should stand up to your older brother and tell him to stop pushing you around.

3. STAND ABOUT — Meaning: to stand doing nothing especially at work

• Don’t just stand about with your hands in your pockets!

4. STAND BACK — Meaning: to move a short distance

• Beyonce’s bodyguards told the paparazzies to stand back.

• He screamed, “Stand back! Don’t move any closer!”

5. STAND BY — Meaning: to wait, also not to get involved in a situation

• I want you to stand by and answer the phone in case mom or dad calls.

• He just stood by and did nothing! Can you believe that?

6. STAND FOR — Meaning: to represent, also to tolerate

• FBI stands for “Federal Bureau of Investigation”.

• Mother doesn’t stand for anyone telling lies.

7. STAND IN — Meaning: to replace, also replacement

• He stood in for his twin brother in the wedding rehearsal.

• Jacky Chan never uses a stand-in actor in his films.

8. STAND OUT — Meaning: to be noticeable

• He’s so tall. He really stands out in the crowd.

9. STAND UP — Meaning: to not arrive to an appointment or date

• Before I was married, I never stood up any girls. I always thought that was rude.

10. STAND ASIDE — Meaning: to move to the other side so that someone/thing can pass, also to resign

• Please stand aside, we’re coming through.

• It’s time he stood aside and let his son run the business.


2 thoughts on “Phrasal Verbs with STAND

  1. Thanks for teaching us about phrasal verbs, Demi! I home school my children, and I’m trying to teach them about proper grammar. I’m glad there are people like you to refresh my memory! What’s your favorite word?

    Lily de Grey |


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