Wanna cuppa Joe? Espresso or Americano?

Do you know why the Americans often say a cup of Joe – a cuppa Joe – for a cup of coffee? It goes a long way back to the World War II. The term Cup of Joe comes from America GI. Joes, the nickname for American soldiers, being known as big coffee drinkers. 

And the term Americano most likely came from Italians who thought Americans who wanted espresso “thinned-out”  were a bit kooky – and called this watery drink as such.

Source: Starbucks
Source: Starbucks

This so-called “coffee-flavored espresso” is basically a combination of espresso with hot water to dilute the strong shot of espresso.


My favorite kind of coffee is always cappuccino. I’m not a black coffee drinker, but now I’m beginning to like black luwak coffee. Luwak coffee has a unique taste that I can’t describe with words. You gotta taste it yourself! 🙂

For me, a hot cup of Joe and a good book is like heaven! I don’t need to get dressed and get out to a coffee shop just to have coffee and to read, I can do all that at home. Wearing my pajamas, get a book, and jump on my bed … It’s a perfect me time! 😉


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