Booty – Badonkadonk – What are they?

There are many ways of saying a person’s behind in English, buttock, butt and ass are the most common ones. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about them before. I’ve come up with a list of slang words for BUTTOCK:

• butt

• booty

• booty cleavage – buttcrack that is exposed usually when wearing pants/shorts/swimsuit/underwear that is too tight

• ace – a less offensive way of saying ‘ass’

• arse – a less offensive way of saying ‘ass’

• apple bottom – a round butt that shaped like an apple

• badonkadonk – a big butt

• badinkadink – a small butt (the opposite of badonkadonk)

• behind – colloquial term for butt

• bum – diminutive form of butt

• buns – butt cheeks

• fanny – colloquial term for butt

• rear end – colloquial term for butt

• tush or tushy – colloquial term for butt

Watch this hilarious video taken from Ellen Degeneres‘ show and listen to how the word badonkadonk is pronounced. 

Do you know some more slang words for ‘buttock’ you want to add to the list?


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