Gotcha actually has several meanings. All of them can be derived from the phrase of which this is a reduced speech form, namely “I (have) got you”.

1. Literally, from the sense of got = caught or obtained. It means “I’ve caught you”, as in you’re running and I grabbed you, I’d say “Gotcha!”

2. The sense of gotcha when someone falls for a practical joke (prank); “I tricked you”.

3. The figurative sense of got = understood. Gotcha means “Aha, I see now” or “I understand“.


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  1. Ms. Demi what’s the difference between ‘I got it’ and ‘I get it’, ‘I forget it’ and ‘I forgot it’?
    Apakah ini cuma masalah tenses? (<- what can I say in English of this sentence)
    I got it : aku (udah) tau
    I get it : aku (baru) tau
    I forgot it : aku (udah tau tapi) lupa
    I forget it : aku (baru tau tapi) lupa

    Please help me, I need your hand


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