Listening Practice

Indonesian Family

Listen to the podcast. Isthma talks about her family routine and what other members like to do. When you finish listening to the interview between Isthma and Sunny, you can do the exercise.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

1) What does Isthma say about reading in her family? 

a) Her dad has lots of books.
b) She loves to read.
c) Her dad wants her to watch TV.
d) Her dad does research.

2) What does Isthma say about her mother’s food? 

a) Her food is very simple.
b) Her food is boring.
c) She won a competition.
d) Her food is good.

3) Does Isthma spend time in the kitchen? 

a) She cooks almost every meal.
b) Sometimes she helps her mom.
c) She goes there for ice cream.
d) Her family likes to cook together.

4) What kind of music does Isthma’s family like? 

a) Hip-hop.
b) Pop.
c) Concert music.
d) Country

5) Who does most of the shopping for necessary goods and food? 

a) Her father.
b) Isthma.
c) Her brother.
d) Her mom.

You can go to for more listening practice.


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