What’s done is done – Idiom

Betty : It’s a long story. She’s the evil woman who stole my clients last year!

Julie : Oh, that Jill! Just smile at her.

Betty :That’ll never happen.

Julie : Listen, you’re better off now than you were last year anyway.

Betty : That’s true.

Julie : This grudge of yours is robbing your happiness.

Betty : You’re right. I was so happy until I saw her !

Julie : Well, what’s done is done.

“What’s done is done” (yang sudah terjadi biarlah berlalu)

Meaning: There is no changing something; it’s finished or final.

Another example:

Don’t let this feeling hold you back. What’s done is done. You can do better next time.

— Jangan biarkan perasaan ini menahanmu. Yang udah terjadi biarlah berlalu. Kamu bisa melakukan yang lebih baik lagi nanti.


2 thoughts on “What’s done is done – Idiom

  1. What a great information, thank you. What has done is done.
    please make materials like this, sometime
    I want to learn some phrasal verb and Idiom, it’s very useful to make our conversation more natural.

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