Ben Franklin Exercise


Free Time – Picture: Rachel’s English

In this article, we’re going to do a Ben Franklin exercise. Get a pen or a pencil and a piece of paper. You need to take detailed notes on what you’re hearing, then try to record yourself based on what you’ve written down on your notes. After finish recording yourself, compare it to the original. Did you do exactly like what Rachel did in the video?

But first I want you to read this passage without watching the video, then record your voice. When you finish doing this on your own, watch the video.

One of my favorite things to do with a free day is to ride my bike. Sometimes I’ll ride along the Hudson River or in Central Park, and sometimes I’ll go visit friends in Brooklyn.

Watch this video from Rachel’s English.


Grammar Notes

“I’ll go visiting” or “I’ll go visit”?

As you’ve noticed the passage in the video, there’s a sentence, “… and sometimes I’ll go visit friends in Brooklyn.” You must be wondering, shouldn’t it be “I’ll go visiting” and not “I’ll go visit”?

Where there’s another verb immediately after the verb go, sometimes the correct form for the second verb is a gerund, and the other times the correct form is an infinitive.

For example, when the verb describe recreational activities, like shop, swim, or fish, we use go + gerund: go shopping, go swimming, go fishing.

For other verbs, including visit, we use go + infinitive.

• I go to visit my grandmother on weekends.

• I’ll go to visit you sometime.

But sometimes the “to” part of the infinitive is dropped, as in “I’ll go visit my friends in Brooklyn.” However, if the verb go appears in any other form, such as, goes or going, the “to” cannot be omitted.


By the way, did you get everything correct? Did you pronounce that passage right? — Well done! 🙂


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