Idioms Related to Romance

What do those idioms mean?

TIE THE KNOT — Meaning: to get married!

• Tod and Rina will tie the knot next week! I’m so excited for them!

GET DUMPED — Meaning: when someone ends a relationship with you

• Barry got dumped by Julie last weekend. He didn’t expect it, but Julie was very unhappy.

LOVE TO PIECES — Meaning: to love someone or something a lot!

• Sonali loves her dog to pieces. She can’t go anywhere without him.

DOUBLE DATE — Meaning: when two couples go out and spend time together

• Stephan and Carrie are going on a double date with Michelle and Max.

FALL FOR SOMEONE — Meaning: to be in love with someone

• It’s hard not to fall for her! She’s perfect for me!

FIND MR. / MRS. RIGHT — Meaning: the perfect man or woman

• I didn’t think it would take me 20 years to find my Mr. Right, but I finally found him!

BLIND DATE — Meaning: going on a date for two people who have never met each other people

• I’ve never been on a blind date before. I’m so nervous. I hope he’s a nice guy.

POP THE QUESTION — Meaning: to ask someone to marry you

• I think I’m going to pop the question to Liza on Saturday. I hope the weather will be nice.

GO DUTCH — Meaning: you each pay separately for a meal

• Let’s go dutch tonight, I’ll get the first drinks, you can get the next ones!


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