“Kepo” is an Indonesian slang, which comes from Hokkien language (usually used by some communities in Medan, Palembang, and Pekanbaru) and then become a loanwords in Singlish (Singaporean-English). “Kaypoh” which means really curious defines a condition when a person wants to know about everything.

Yet “Kepo” is an abbreviation stands for “Knowing Every Particular Object“, defines the same like what “Kaypoh” means.

In English “Kepo” has a similar meaning to “nosey” (also nosy). “Nosey” means too interested in things that do not concern you, especially in other people’s affair.


• She’s such a nosey person!

• Keep your nose out of my business, you nosey Parker!

Picture: Kamus Slang

English translation:

A: You know what, Rere is having an affair!

B: Really? That man must be crazy!

C: (out of nowhere) What you guys are talking about?

A & B:  You’re so Kepo!

Watch and listen to the Kepo song by Popcorn, Indonesian kids girl band.  

Even kids know what kepo means! 😀


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