Fun Ways to Say Goodbye in English

Are you tired of saying goodbye with “bye”, “bye-bye”, or “see you”? In this article I’m going to tell you ten ways of goodbye in English without actually saying goodbye.

1. Cheerio — A funny and friendly way to say goodbye in English.

 “I have to go home now, cheerio!”

2. Toodle-loo — This is a very silly and funny way to say goodbye, you will make people laugh by saying Toodle-loo!

“OK see you soon, Toodle-loo!”

3. Toodle-pip — This is another hilarious way to say goodbye in English.

“Oh no!!, it’s late, I’d better go home, toodle-pip!”

4. See you later alligator — This is a fun way to say goodbye in English and is often used by children or you can say this goodbye to your close friends just to be fun. It also has a really fun rhyming response.

     A: “I’m going home, see you later alligator!”

     B: “In a while crocodile!”

5. Laters! — It’s a very cool and relaxed way to say goodbye to your friends in English.

A: “OK, see you tomorrow!”

B: “Laters!”

6. Catch you later — another relaxed and very informal way of saying goodbye to somebody when you know you will see them again soon.

“Catch you later, man!”

7. Take care — This is a more formal way of saying goodbye to somebody that you care about.

A: “I’m going home now, Tony. Thanks for your help today!”

B: “No problem, take care and see you soon”

A: “Thanks, you too!”

8. Take it easy — A nice way to say goodbye to a friend who you care about, but when you don’t want to show too much emotion. It means, don’t work too hard, enjoy your life.

“See you tomorrow, mate. Take it easy!”

9. Bye for now — A more formal way of saying goodbye to somebody when you know that you will see them again, but you don’t know when.

A: OK, I’d better go, the last train leaves in 5 minutes. I’ll be back next month but I don’t know exactly when.”

B: “OK, well have a great train ride and bye for now!”

A: “Yes, bye for now!”

10. I need to scoot — It’s a fun way of saying “I have to go!” Not to be used in formal situations.

“OK it’s like so I need to scoot, toodle-loo and see you soon!”

If you work with children (kids or toddlers) in your English class, I’ve come up with two videos that you can use in your class.

You can use See You Later Alligator Goodbye Song in your class or when you and your students at a campfire.

You can also use the Goodbye Song for Children in your classroom. The lyrics are so easy to memorize and you can do some fun activities with it, like clapping, turning around, jumping up and down.

Okay, it’s time for me to say goodbye. Adios, hippos! See you in another lesson! 🙂


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