“Made of” or “Made from”

The correct answer is [B] from


Made from is used when the material the subject consists of changes during the process of making the subject.

Paper is made from wood.

Here, wood disappeared and transformed into paper.

On the other hand, made of is used when the material doesn’t change its nature.

Chairs are made of wood.

Now, the wood is still wood. It doesn’t transform into something else.

More examples:

• The house is made of bricks. [They are still bricks.]

•  Sake is made from fermented rice. [Rice turns into sake.]

Can you answer this quiz?


4 thoughts on ““Made of” or “Made from”

  1. This is fantastic way of learning English…

    I too have started my own spoken English classes and I must admit that LEARN ENGLISH WITH DEMI is helping me a lot in making my notes…

    Thank you so much.

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