The Girl Named Cinderella


The name Cinderella was derived from the French name Cendrillon which means little ashes. In English, Cinderella is of the meaning little cinders. This is best known as the main character in the fairy tale “Cinderella”.

Cinderella around the world

The story of Cinderella came in many versions in different countries. Here are a few versions of that fairy tale:


The earliest known version of Cinderella originated in China. Recorded on paper by Tuan Ch’eng-shih in the middle of the ninth century, this version centers around “Yeh-Shen,” a beautiful young girl whose mother has died.

Native American

The Algonquin Indians of North America also created a Cinderella myth known as “The Rough-Face Girl.”


A West-African interpretation of Cinderella, the story of “Chinye,” does not focus on marrying a prince.


The British put a slight twist on the traditional Cinderella story with “Tattercoats.” This particular version of the Cinderella myth involves a grandfather instead of a stepmother, and a Prince who falls in love before the grand ball.


There are two versions of Cinderella fairy tale in Indonesia. One of the interpretations of Cinderella is called the story of “Upik Abu.” “Upik” is how a little girl is called in Sumatra island and “Abu” means ashes in English. In Java island, Cinderella is called as “Bawang Putih.” 

To be honest I’ve never liked princess fairy tale kind of story since I was a little. I’m not that girlish. 🙂

Watch this video and listen to the song A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes by Lily James, the soundtrack of Cinderella. Enjoy!


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