Why spoken English is difficult to understand

A lot of English learners have trouble understanding what native English speakers say. One reason that real English is difficult to understand is that the English in classrooms and textbooks is very different from how people really speak. Some of the differences include:   Native English speakers use different words and phrases in spoken English... Continue Reading →

Ways to Say “I love you”

I know it's not yet Valentine's Day, but I'm feeling kind of romantic now, also a bit silly. So today I'm going to spread my love virus to you. I'm warning you, it's contagious! 😉 There are so many different ways to tell someone that you love them, but the problem is there are so many... Continue Reading →

Giving Advice

Here are some expressions often used in giving advice: • Why don't you...? • What about...? • You had better... • If I were you..., I would... • It would be better if... • Maybe you should... • Perhaps you could... • You ought to...   Take a look at the dialog below: A: I... Continue Reading →

Soft Drink vs. Fizzy Drink

There are actually three SOFT DRINK synonyms in America: 1. SODA in New England and Northeast 2. POP in the midwest extending through to the Pacific Northwest 3. COKE in the American South. Two out of three of these words makes sense given the histories of soft drinks in their regions.  The word SODA was... Continue Reading →


HAVE and HAVE GOT are used to show possession and they are very often interchangeable. This is what you should remember if you decide to use HAVE GOT:   1. HAVE GOT is for spoken English • Use 'have got' in spoken English. • Use 'have' in your formal written English (business correspondence, essay, etc.).   2.... Continue Reading →

Adjectives in Order

We sometimes use more than one adjective before the noun: Examples: • I like big black dogs. • She was wearing a beautiful long red dress.   What is the correct order for two or more adjectives? 1. The general order is: Opinion, Fact. "Opinion" is what you think about something. "Fact" is what is... Continue Reading →

How to pronounce “Guacamole”

I think some of you probably don't know what a guacamole is. Guacamole is a Mexican avocado sauce made from fresh avocado, diced tomatoes, a little lime juice to make the sauce fresh and balance the flavor, finely chopped garlic, onion, cilantro and jalapeño, along with salt and pepper. Mash the avocado and mix it... Continue Reading →

Acronym vs. Abbreviation

ACRONYM: A word formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term which can be pronounced as a word, as in NATO, radar, or laser. Acronym is a part of abbreviation.   ABBREVIATION: A shortened form of a written word or phrase used in... Continue Reading →

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