Knuckle Sandwich

The answer to the quiz is [C] “Ouch! That hurt!”


Why you say “Ouch! That hurt!” when someone gives you a knuckle sandwich? What’s a knuckle sandwich anyway?


A sandwich is an assortment of food between two pieces of bread. It’s usually stuffed with a pile of vegetables, such as sliced tomatoes, sliced onion, shredded lettuce, cucumbers or pickles. You put meat and cheese as the protein and some mustard and mayonnaise as dressings. Knuckles are the bones in your hand. So a knuckle sandwich is a fist that goes straight toward your mouth.

10373625_758617474160495_6640611559293646182_nIf you give someone a knuckle sandwich, you punch them; you give them a punch on the mouth. In bahasa Indonesia, a knuckle sandwich means “bogem mentah.”


• If you say that again you’ll get a knuckle sandwich!

• He kept annoying me, so I gave him a knuckle sandwich.

Wanna piece of my knuckle sandwich? 😀


One thought on “Knuckle Sandwich

  1. Thank you i love it. But i wanna get books like this way of expression. I am not good in english but i am trying hard to learn. and help me by attachin books and audio..vedio by ma email. finally i realy like your way man. Thank you for ur contribution.


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