Talking about Sports Score

For football scores we say “nil” (British English) to mean zero.

• Everton beat Liverpool three – nil (3-0).

• The match ended nil – nil (0-0).

American English uses various words for sports scores.

• The Rams won three – nothing (3-0).

• The game ended three – zip.

If the score in a football match ends with both teams score the same number of goals, we say “a draw”.

• Manchester drew one all with Barcelona (1-1).

For tennis scores we say “love” to mean zero. The word love was derived from the French word “l’oeuf” which means egg. It sounds like love. The shape of 0 (zero) looks like an egg. So, that’s where the term love in tennis came from.

• The score was thirty love (30-0).


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