Ways to Ask a Woman “Will you marry me?”


Hey, guys! Do you have a plan to propose your fiancé anytime soon? Have you prepared a romantic way to pop up the question (ask a woman to marry you)? Or you may don’t know a better way to ask her the question. Even though “Will you marry me?” still a nice question you can use to ask a woman to marry you, the following questions will definitely take her breath away and sweep her off her feet!

• How would you like to be my life partner?  

• Just wondering if you’d like to spend the rest of time with me?

• I know we’re both madly in love with each other, so what do you think of making it official?

• I’m head over heels in love with you and I’m on my knee… Will you be my wife?

• Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

• I’m taking this once in a lifetime chance of uniting with my soulmate and I’m begging you to take this chance too. Marry me, princess… Will you?

• Will you take my hand and be the person I want to grow old with?

• You are the only one I ask… Will you marry me?

Oh, I’m melted! Who could resist that? I would absolutely accept that proposal. I would say “Yesssss!” 😀

Have better ways to say “Will you marry me?” ? Please do share in the comment box.




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