Potentially Confusing Words between British and American English

There are many words in English that are potentially confusing because they have completely different meanings between British English and American English. For example, when the Americans say “chips”, it means potato chips. However, the British may think of that as French fries. If the British ask for “chips” in the US, they’ll get what they call “crisps” in Britain. Confusing, right? 😀


Unlike the two words I’m about to tell you, I don’t see the mix-up between “chips” and “French fries” embarrassing at all. But be careful with these words:




What it means in the U.S.: A rounded door handle.

What it means in the U.K.: A penis.

Potentially confusing sentence: “I broke my knob rushing out of the house this morning.”


The British might say, “Ouch!! That must be hurt!” 😀


What it means in the US: A condom.

What it means in the UK: An eraser.

Potentially confusing sentence: “Excuse me, do you have a rubber?”


The American might say, “Why on earth would you ask me for a rubber?!”


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