Kick The Bucket

He kicked the bucket

“Kick the bucket” is an idiom to mean someone has died.

Did you know that the term “kick the bucket” was derived from the process of death by hanging (usually suicides)? The bucket was used to stand on and kicked it – or accidentally kicked it – when the suicide’s done.


A: What happened to our mailman?

B: I heard that he kicked the bucket yesterday. He died of heart attack.


Usually before someone dies, he/she makes “a bucket list”. Whoa, hold on a second! What’s a bucket list?

“A bucket list” is a list of things you want/wish to do before you die. Usually people would like to do some simple things, like going to places they’ve never been to, or do some crazy stuffs, like going bungee jumping, or skydiving, or do once in a lifetime opportunity to get rich in Las Vegas … gambling! 😀


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