Silent Letters H


Silent letters are everywhere in English. That is why some people see the English pronunciation is very hard to learn, so today you’re going to learn how to pronounce the words with unvoiced H. I hope this article will help you pronounce the English words correctly.


Here are the basic rules:

1. If the H is preceded by the letters G, K, or R, the letter H is silent, as in ghost, khaki, rhino.

2. The letter H is not pronounced when following W. Some speakers whisper the H before the W as in what, why, when, whether.

3. The letter H is not pronounced at the beginning of many words. We use indefinite article an with unvoiced H, for examples, hour – an hour, honor – an honor, honest – an honest man, herb – an herb.

Let’s see if you can pronounce the H words in this sentence correctly. Which words that should be pronounced with silent H?

Honestly I don’t know how to pronounce heir. It took me about half an hour to figure it out.”


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