Oopsie! I made a typo!


Typo /ˈtīpō/

Typo is the short for typographical error; a misspeeling of a word when typing or texting.

I bet you didn’t notice I just made a typo there. 😀


A: Did you realize you just wrote ‘definetally’ here?

B: Oops! I made a typo. I’ll get it right.

Sometimes it gets so annoying to see people constantly making typos over some easy words to spell. Using a spell checker or an autocorrect can save you from embarrassment, as well as a dictionary.

Here’s an example of a really embarrassing typographical error:

On April 22, 2003, a closed-captioning typist for ABC’s World News Tonight informed viewers that Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan was “in the hospital for an enlarged prostitute.” Later that evening, viewers were advised that Mr. Greenspan was in fact having prostate problems.


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