Countries & Nationalities

“What do you call a person from… (name of a country)?” It seems like a simple question, but it’s not always easy to answer that. If only English uses the same rule for all the names of the country… For example, most countries ending with the letter “-a” you just need to add an “-n” to the end of the country name to create the name for it’s citizens. Thus a person from Angola is an Angolan, a person from Cuba is a Cuban and a person from Russia is a Russian.

But just as you get the hang of it, you discover that a person from China isn’t a Chinan , but is Chinese, and people from Croatia are Croats, not Croatians.

Forming nationality adjectives and nouns from country names is not always simple in English. Here are a few of the name of countries and nationalities:

• America – American

• Bangladesh – Bangladeshi

• Burma – Burmese

• Croatia – Croats

• Denmark – Dane

• England – British

• India – Indian

• Indonesia – Indonesian

• Ireland – Irish

• Malaysia – Malaysian

• Mexico – Mexican

• Singapore – Singaporean

• The Philipines – Filipino

• Thailand – Thai

Cities also can be transformed into adjectives and nouns, although they are highly irregular and the nominal form is not always agreed upon (there may be several). Some examples of transformed city names are below:

 City – Adjective – Noun

Paris – Parisian – a Parisian

New York – New York – a New Yorker

Boston – Boston – a Bostonian

Texas – Texas – Texan

Houston – Houston – Houstonian

Sydney – Sydney – a Sydney-sider

London – London – a Londoner

Liverpool –  Liverpool – Liverpudlian

Jakarta – Jakarta – Jakartan

São Paulo – São Paulo – a Paulistano

New Delhi – New Delhi – a Delhite

Cape Town – Cape Town – a Capetonian

Roll call! Please mention your country and nationality, also the city where you live in.


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