Giving Advice

Here are some expressions often used in giving advice:

• Why don’t you…?

• What about…?

• You had better…

• If I were you…, I would…

• It would be better if…

• Maybe you should…

• Perhaps you could…

• You ought to…


Take a look at the dialog below:

A: I like my new office, but my co-worker is always smoking. I can’t stand it. How do I get him to stop?

B: You could just ask him.

A: It won’t work. I’ve already tried.

B: Well, what about talking to your boss about it. I’m sure he will work out a solution for both of you.


Here are some alternatives:

• Well, perhaps you could talk to your boss about it.

• If I were you, I would talk to my boss about it.

• Why don’t you talk about it to your boss?


Watch this video clip from Friends and let’s see if you can catch what Chandler gave to David, Pheobe’s boyfriend, for an advice.


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