Ways to Say “I love you”

I know it’s not yet Valentine’s Day, but I’m feeling kind of romantic now, also a bit silly. So today I’m going to spread my love virus to you. I’m warning you, it’s contagious! 😉

There are so many different ways to tell someone that you love them, but the problem is there are so many phrases that seem to have the same meaning, and you can’t decide which one is more appropriate and sound more romantic than the others. Oh, boy! Telling someone you love them in English can be so challenging! 😀

Here are some ways to say “I love you” without actually saying it:

1. You mean the world to me.

2. I need you to make me feel alive.

3. You are the one for me.

4. Me and you. Always.

5. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

6. I’m so into you.

7. I’m yours.

8. I adore you.

9. You to me are everything.

10. Me minus you equals blue.

And sometimes adding humor often helps convey your feelings even better. Here are a few examples:

• You’re the reason I get up in the morning… Just kidding, I have to pee.

• Loving you is like having diarrhea… I just can’t hold it in!

• Let’s grow old and miserable together.

• I love you more than coffee (or maybe a really close second).

• I knew I loved you when I farted you didn’t run away.

I know they are cheesy and corny, but hey, I like them! 😀 If you think you have a better way to say “I love you”, please share it in the comment. I’d like to hear it.


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