Shadow vs. Shade

The difference between SHADOW and SHADE

Shadow and shade are two words that often cause confusion. When the sun rays hits an object or a person, it casts an image or a shadow of the shape it’s hitting. If you are under or behind something, you are shaded from the sun; hence you are in the shade.

Don’t say They like to sit in the shadow.”, but say “They like to sit in the shade.” Shade is a place sheltered from the sun.

Don’t say That man saw his shade in the water.”, but say “That man saw his shadow in the water.” Shadow is a shade of distinct form.


2 thoughts on “Shadow vs. Shade

  1. Very good point! I wish you could help me to improve my English. What is the most difficult to me is listening… It’s really frustrating! So if you can help me to start understanding listening English I’ll be really pleased! Thanks

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