Hey, scrumptious!

Scrumptious (adjective)  \ˈskrəm(p)-shəs\


– tasting extremely pleasant or delicious (of food)

– very attractive (of a person)


If you describe something as scrumptious, you’d probably like to eat every last crumb.


• Can I have another slice of that scrumptious pie, please?

• My mother baked a scrumptious cheese cake.


Something scrumptious is delightfully appetizing. We usually use it to talk about delicious food, but if your little niece is so cute, you want to eat her up, then she’s scrumptious too.



ryan-gosling-wallpaper-1• Ryan Gosling is the most scrumptious thing on two legs!

Seriously, I fell in love with him since he stared in “The Notebook”. 😉


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