Learning idioms and playing games at the same time


Can you guess the idiom depicted in those two pictures? If you answer “Apples and oranges”, then you are correct. “Apples and oranges” is a commonly used idiom. The phrase refers to the comparison of two objects or ideas that are totally different from each other that comparing them seems unfair.


• You can’t compare Stephen King to Nicholas Sparks. That’s “apples and oranges.” 

[These novelists write in different genres and have different writing styles, so we cannot compare the two of them. That would be unfair.]



How about this one? Can you guess the idiom depicted in the pictures? Use the letters in the box. I’ll give you a hint; it has got to do with a cup and a tea. If you answer “My cup of tea”, then you nailed it. This phrase is mostly used in negative “Not my cup of tea” to mean something that you don’t like or enjoy. When it is used without “not”, it means the opposite.


• Math is not my cup of tea.

• Coffee is my cup of tea. 🙂

Now try to guess this idiom. The meaning of this idiom is you have to work to earn money (also: it doesn’t come easily or without effort).

Native speakers often use idioms when they speak, but for most ESL learners learning idioms can be so difficult because there are so many English idioms with so many different meanings and it seems impossible to memorize all of them.

It’s not that difficult if you combine learning and playing all together. Guess what, you just played guessing game and learned idioms at the same time. Isn’t that fun? Wanna play some more? You can download 2 Pics 1 Phrase Word Game for free on Google Play and find the meaning of each idiom in The Free Dictionary .


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