Meet vs. See

PhotoGrid_1452786462447.jpgSome people say “I met my friend yesterday” or “I’m going to meet my friend again today.” This is WRONG.


MEET as a verb means to see someone for the very first time you are introduced to them. So, in greetings you say “Nice to meet you” when you are first introduced to someone. Then when you see that person again in another time, don’t say “Nice to meet you again”, but say “Nice to see you again” or “It’s nice seeing you.”

INCORRECT: I met my friend yesterday.

CORRECT    : I saw my friend yesterday.

INCORRECT: I’m going to meet my friend again today.

CORRECT    : I’m going to see my friend again today.

However, in this sentence “Let’s meet for lunch at the new pizza joint across the street” is correct. The verb MEET in that sentence means to come together or have an appoinment with someone.

More examples:

• We agreed to meet on Friday after school.

• The President met the UK prime minister in London yesterday.

• He met his wife when he lived in Jakarta.


7 thoughts on “Meet vs. See

  1. Without comparing the uses of the words “meet” and “see”, ma Iknow why the sentence “I met my friend yesterday” incorrect???


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