Idioms with HAND

1. At one’s fingertips

Meaning: at one’s reach

I usually have my address book at my fingertips.

2. Bite one’s nail

Meaning: to bite one’s fingernails because of feeling nervous or anxious.

The girl was biting her nails as she waited for the speech contest to begin.

3. All thumbs

Meaning: to be awkward and clumsy, a difficulty in fixing things or working with hands.

Barry is all thumbs. He can’t fix something without making it worse.

4. Burn one’s finger

Meaning: to suffer from a bad experience.

My farther burned his fingers in the stock market and he doesn’t want to invest money again.

5. Catch someone red-handed

Meaning: to catch someone in the act of doing something bad or wrong.

The teacher caught the boys red-handed when they wrote on the school wall.

6. Closefisted (with money)

Meaning: to be stingy with money.

My uncle was closefisted with money.

7. Cross one’s fingers

Meaning: to hope or wish for good luck.

I crossed my fingers that I would get the job that I had applied for.

8. First hand

Meaning: to see or experience or learn about somethingby direct personal experience.

We saw the car accident first hand when we were driving down the highway.

9. Knuckle sandwich

Meaning: to punch on the mouth. In bahasa Indonesia, a knuckle sandwich means“bogem mentah.”

• If you say that again you’ll get a knuckle sandwich!

10. Hands down

      Meaning: easily, unopposed

He won the election for class president hands down.


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