“One-night stand” or “One nightstand”?

Don’t write “Wanted: One-night stand” when what you really need is actually a table by the bed, or you will end up humiliating yourself, and I bet you don’t want to see anybody else for like … FOREVER! 😀

What is so wrong with writing “one-night stand” anyway? In this lesson, I’m going to save you from making yourself look like a fool.


one-night stand (noun)

Meaning: A sexual relationship with someone (a stranger) lasting for one night. It’s a no-strings attached kind of relationship. You dont’ want to see them again when it ends.

nightstand (noun)

Meaning: A small table that is placed at the side of the bed. People usually put an alarm clock, a table lamp, and a photo on a nightstand.


So, once again make sure you write the right words for the “thing” that you really want. Do you want one-night stand or one nightstand? Make up your mind! 😀



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