Ditto [‘dit-oh] (n, adj)

Ditto MarkDitto or ditto mark is a mark that you write immediately under a word in a list to indicate you’re repeating whatever is above; same as above.


Apple $2.00 a kilo

Pear      −”−  a kilo

Ditto mark ( −”− ) means the price list on second item is the same as the price list on the item above.

You can also use the word ditto informally to describe repetition, the same, likewise.


Barry: I love you, honey.

Julie  : Ditto

Ditto in the dialog means “I love you too”.

Also it can be used to say that you have exactly the same opinion as someone else.


A: I hated school when I was young.

B: Ditto.

Ditto in the dialog means “me too” or “I second you”.


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