10 uncountable nouns which English learners often think are countable

First you need to remember about uncountable and countable nouns:

– Nouns are either countable or uncountable.

– If a noun is countable we can count it; if a noun is uncountable we can’t count it.

– Uncountable nouns cannot have a number before them (we don’t say: one advice or two news).

– You do not add a/an with uncountable nouns (we don’t say: a good news or an advice).


Look at the picture for the uncountable noun rules.

Here are 10 uncountable nouns which English learners often think are countable:

1. advice

2. news

3. information

4. equipment

5. luggage

6. experience

7. progress

8. traffic

9. trouble

10. accommodation


Before uncountable nouns we often use SOME, ANY, or MUCH:

• I need some advice.

• We don’t have any news.

• He doesn’t have much experience.


We can also use A LOT OF or A LITTLE:

• There is a lot of information.

• They only have a little equipment.

• They don’t have much luggage.


How to make uncountable nouns countable

It is possible to make some uncountable nouns countable by using a word like PIECE:

• a piece of advice

• two pieces of news

• three pieces of information

The nouns experience, progress, trouble and accommodation cannot be made countable in the above way.


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