Bad English Pronunciation Can Be Dangerous

Be careful when you pronounce these following words. Make sure you pronounce them right.

soup /suːp/

soap /soʊp/

If you say “I’ll have a /soʊp/ to the waiter at a restaurant, he will bring you a bar of soap for sure. 😀 This is a common pronunciation mistake made by ESL learners. But not my students. Even my 3rd graders know very well how to pronounce these two words.

I’ve also noticed ESL learners, particularly in Indonesia, often pronounce ‘pear’ (a fruit) as /pɪər/ when it should be pronounced as /peər/.

Also ‘sweater’ (a type of clothes) as /switer/ when it should be pronounced as /ˈswet̬·ər/. ‘Sweeter’ is the comparative degree of the adjective ‘sweet’.

They thought all ‘ea’ sounds are pronounced as the ‘i’ sound. Since they pronounced ‘beard’ as/bɪərd/, then they thought ‘bear’ is also pronounced with the ‘i’ sound: /bɪər/.

And I know how difficult it is for most Spanish speaking ESL learners to pronounce the ‘th’ sound . They often pronouncethink’ as ‘sink’, for example.

So, you’d better work on your pronunciation from now on. Good pronunciation can save your life! 😀

You have got to watch this video from Espresso English. You’ll know how a bad pronunciation can be so dangerous!


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