Teaching My Little Boy to Fast

Happy Ramadan to all members of Learn English with Demi community.

Speaking of Ramadan, this year will be my son’s second time of fasting. Oh, just so you know he’s turning five years old this coming July. Last year he made it up to 10 am – he didn’t fast full day from 4 am to 6 pm – but that’s fine by me. He did an awesome job for a four-year-old kid.

Today is the seventh day of Ramadan and so far he has managed to fast up to 12 o’clock. I’m so proud of you, little bugger!

It’s not that hard to get him to fast. He asked me himself when it’s time for fasting. He told me he wanted to fast just like me. He kept asking me that same question a few days before Ramadan. However, it’s always a bit of a struggle to wake him up for suhoor (pre-dawn meal). With eyes half-opened, he eats his meal. 🙂

Just like everyone else, the first thing he grab when fast-breaking is a glass of cold drink. There are always two kinds of drinks on the table for iftar (fast-breaking); hot and cold drink. Hot drink is usually tea and the cold drink could be fruit cocktail, lime squash, or rice dumplings with coconut milk and brown sugar syrup (es cendol).

Then he will go to the mosque with his brother and cousins to perform evening prayer. When he gets back from the mosque, he will have his dinner.

As a single mom, I have to play both roles as a father as well as a mother for my two sons. When it comes to practicing Islam, sometimes I have to be hard on both of them. All my boys started fasting at early age. My eldest son started it when he was in kindergarten and my youngest at the age of four.

At the end of Ramadan, at Eid Mubarak, they will get some money from me as a reward for fasting the whole month. They will get the same thing – the amount of money is varied though – from their grandparents, uncles, and aunties. This is what they have been waiting for! 😀

Hopefully, he can get through this Ramadan without any trouble just like what he did last year. Aamiin.



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