Greetings and Endings of A Business Letter and Email



What should I write when I want to end a business letter? Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely? Should I write the phrase “yours faithfully” with only one capital letter on the word Yours” or should I write it with two capital letters on each word Yours Faithfully”? Take a look at the explanation below.


Yours faithfully ⇒ to unknown person on business

Yours sincerely ⇒ in invitations and friendly but not intimate letters

Yours truly ⇒ to slight acquaintance

Yours very truly ⇒ ceremonious but cordial

When you begin a letter with Dear sir, you can end it with “Yours faithfully” or “Yours truly”.

“Yours faithfully” is British usage while “Yours truly” is the American equivalent to that expression.

When you know the name of the recipient, you may use “Yours sincerely” (British) or “Sincerely yours” (American).

I was told that to write “Sincerely” without “Yours” is a bad form. Now, of course, “Sincerely” is a common and acceptable close for American business letters.

Only the first word to capitalize:

Yours faithfully

Yours sincerely

Sincerely yours


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