Phrase of the day: What’s cooking?

Native English speakers use this expression "What's cooking?" in a casual way to ask someone what's happening, what's going on or what someone is planning. Examples: • What's cooking at your house? I just saw a cop came into your house. • Hey, Julie! What's cooking?

What do you call it?

There are times when you can't recall the name of a thing or a person. It's up there on your mind, but you just can't spit it out. You would probably say "Mmm... What do you call it?" Or "What was that thing...? Mmm... You know that thing." Here are two cool expressions that you... Continue Reading →

More examples: • I read that news in the newspaper. • I saw that news on TV. • I heard that news on the radio. • I read that story in the book on page 57. (The story is inside the book. The story is on [the surface] page 57.) Note: A systematic analysis of... Continue Reading →

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