Short Responses for Agreeing and Disagreeing

For today’s lesson you’re going to learn some short conversational responses that you can use to agree and disagree with someone else.

Use the following responses for agreeing:

– So do I

– I do too

– Me too

Sammy: I love pizza.

Demi: Me too.

Sammy: What’s your favorite pizza?

Demi    : Thin crust meat lovers.

Sammy: So do I.

And you can use the following responses for disagreeing:

– Neither do I

– Me neither

Sammy: I don’t like anchovies on my pizza.

Demi    : Me neither. I hate corns and pinapples on my pizza.

Sammy: Neither do I.

So the next time you want to agree or disagree with someone else, try to use one of those short responses. I hope this lesson is useful for you, and if it is, please share this lesson with your friends.


2 thoughts on “Short Responses for Agreeing and Disagreeing

  1. I would like to add my favorite short answer. I would add to the list “same here”. In the beginning it was hard for me to catch and use all the short answers like “so to I / so am I / so would I,” etc. “Same here” solved the problem and I use it to this day successfully 🙂


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